Our Sustainability initiatives

  • Our Sustainability initiatives in Nickel based speciality alloys

In its endeavour for optimum and efficient utilization of resources, JLC focuses on 'renewable energy' as an alternative solution. The company has installed its fully owned wind power generation unit close to the Thar Desert. Power output generated from this project partially offsets certain units of consumption from the state government power supply and helps save a significant percentage of this key energy source.

JLC Electromet is committed to the EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) Code of Conduct.  The EICC is the world's largest industry coalition dedicated to electronics supply chain responsibility. This is a non-profit coalition of companies supporting the rights and well-being of workers and communities worldwide affected by the global electronics supply chain. EICC members commit and are held accountable to a common Code of Conduct and utilize a range of EICC training and assessment tools to support continuous improvement in the social, environmental and ethical responsibility of their supply chains.


Key postulates of the JLC Sustainability Commitment

  • To ensure Clean, Safe & Healthy  working conditions
  • Sustain and make all processes environmentally responsible
  • Reduce waste and optimize utilization of resources including energy and water in a sustainable manner.
  • Products supplied will  not contain any restricted substance in excess of defined maximum concentration values as per the Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS Directive) and REACH Regulation
  • Create Employee Health & Safety (EHS) awareness by educating our employees, business associates, and the society
JLC Nickel Alloys wind power generation unit in Jaisalmer

JLC Nickel Alloys sustainablity initiatives