Our Innovations

Technology driven - Quality Focused - Customer Oriented

  • Technology driven - Quality Focused - Customer Oriented - Nickel Alloys

As a global supplier of Nickel-based alloys, JLC always focuses on "Complete Customer Satisfaction". We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers by investing in new product development and continuous improvement of our existing products and processes.

JLC: Driven by Technology

  • With more than four decades of technical expertise in production and quality of Nickel-based alloys, JLC has a unique knowledge base for the do's and don'ts for manufacturing high quality products.
  • JLC is a vertically integrated mill with melting, rolling, drawing, annealing, cleaning, testing, and packaging operations all under one roof.
  • Highly qualified and technically skilled team of engineers, technicians, and operators; several of whom with over thirty years of experience in the field of Nickel alloys
  • In-house R&D department that is accredited by the Government of India.  

In-house Machine Shop

  • Supports the mill by providing essential spare parts and any other specialized equipment
  • Self machine building and equipment modification capability provides us with a unique competitive advantage to:
    • Quickly adapt to customer based process changes
    • Provide flexibility to choose the right medium for operations in wire drawing-annealing-cleaning steps
    • Make specialized machines at low-cost for in-house use

In-house R&D Centre

  • Continuous experimentation to develop new materials of high quality and low cost.
  • Development of alloy variants within specified standards for special applications.
  • Innovations to reduce process wastage to support our core value of Clean Work Environment – Lean Process – Support Green.
  • Work to develop new methods of material testing and analysis.
  • Training of operators, supervisors, technical team members and other maintenance support personnel to enhance personnel and overall shop floor skill standards.

Technological Highlights:

  • Semi-automated Hot Rolling Mill provides flexibility to get different output rolled wire diameter depending on the material and the final product size required.
  • Ability to peel/shave wire rod for applications requiring very high quality surface finish.
  • Surface treatment in salt baths or by pickling.
  • Heat treatment through batch furnaces or continuous furnaces.
  • Multiple cleaning lines with material specific mix for cleaning solution to achieve the desired material cleaning finish and preventing material damage through excessive acidic or basis ingredients.
  • Heavy duty drawing machines / bull blocks, intermediate and fine wire drawing machines with multiple drawing medium options. 
  • Centralized filtration units for drawing media used in the wire drawing machines.
  • In–house die shop provides the ability to give output wire in round, flat, profile sizes with round/squared edges.
  • Centralized and round the clock monitoring of annealing parameters through online data loggers.
  • Multi head spooling machines with adjustable traverse and pitch mechanisms.
  • Specific packaging whether in coils with specific inner diameters, spools (can give spooled to desired weight or length tolerances), carriers/hats/spiders and strips in pancakes/disks.


Highly qualified and technically skilled team  of engineers

global supplier of Nickel-based alloys