Customer Satisfaction

How we cater to diverse and changing needs of our customers

  • How we cater to diverse and changing needs of our nickel alloy customers

The world has become a Global marketplace with customers from different regions, sectors of industries, seeking different applications from similar products. This creates the challenge for engineering-manufacturing industry to keep up with the pace of ever changing customer demands or in other words product performance satisfaction. Top of this all is the reproducibility and reliability with every BATCH.

Our Philosophy encompasses this concept

With  its vision to become the 'Best in Class', JLC Electromet endeavours to produce a wide range of World Class products, at competitive prices to cater to the diverse and continuously changing needs of its customers.

Our Mission postulates

  • Work together with our customers and suppliers to produce alloys at competitive cost and minimum time
  • Sustain and continuously improve quality levels of our products through continuous improvement projects
  • To add capacity and capability for new materials and processes to cater to the needs of specialized and niche markets

Owing to complete vertical integration, JLC customers have the flexibility to order alloys to their specific product chemistry, microstructure, heat treatment, size, and surface finish. This flexibility coupled with our experience and knowledge in packaging in accordance to international standards provides JLC with a unique competitive advantage to adapt to customer specific needs and efficient logistics.

How we cater to diverse and changing needs of our nickel speciality alloy customers

How We Achieve This

At JLC, every order or project is executed through a three step approach as shown in the diagram.

This is a continuous cycle which ensures a closed loop control over what JLC deliver to its customers and create the road map for further quality-cost-delivery improvements. This model is ably supported by JLC's active participation in:

  • Customer  based Vendor Rating programs
  • Periodic review of business through conference calls and discussions involving  teams on both sides
  • Exchange and sharing of knowledge and learnings

The same model applies to sourcing materials from all our suppliers where the technical and commercial team members in JLC use different interaction mediums to work with the vendors in order to get best raw materials & process consumables at a feasible cost

JLC has been involved over the years in joint technical projects with its customers as well as suppliers. The goal is to achieve the best inputs and deliver best outputs from the process value chain within the company

Continuous Customer Satisfaction Improvement Cycle at JLC Electromet Nickel Speciality Alloys
Continuous Customer Satisfaction Improvement Cycle