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  • Fuse Wires in Lamp Components And Alloys

Fuse Wires: Wire

A fuse wire is used in incandescent and fluoroscent tube lamps as circuit breakers when conditions of over-current or over-loading arise. Fuse wire makes up the outer-lead of one or both lead-in-wires. The following alloys can be used for fuse wires: NiCu30Fe, FeCrAl125, or FeNi43.

Nominal Chemical Composition (%)

Alloy Ni Mn Fe Si Cu C Al Ti
NiCu30Fe Min 63 Max 1.25 1.0- 2.5 Max 0.50 28-34 Max 0.15 Max 0.50 Max 0.20
Alloy Fe Cr C Al  
FeCrAl125 Balance 14-16 Max0.10 3.5-5.0  
Alloy Ni C Mn Si S P Fe  
FeNi43 41-43 Max 0.05 Max 1.0 Max 0.3 Max 0.02 Max 0.02 Balance  

Physical Properties (at room temperature)

Alloy Density Specific Resistance
(Electrical Resistivity)
Thermal Linear
Expansion Coeff.
Between 20-100 °C
g/cm³ µΩ-cm 10-6/°C
NiCu30Fe 8.80 51 13.9
FeCrAl125 7.30 125 14.0
FeNi43 8.11 61 5.3

Mechanical Properties (for cold drawn annealed wire)

Alloy Tensile strength
% at L0=100 mm
Min Max Min Max
NiCu30Fe 450 650 20 30
FeCrAl125 - 750 15 -
FeNi43 400 600 25 35

Size Range

Form Dia Width Thickness
mm mm mm
Wire 0.15-1.50 - -


JLC 400 typical applications include springs, valves, pumps, propeller shafts, electrical and electronic components, to name a few. It is used as wire mesh and filters for chemical and pertrochemical industry, for connecting braids of heating elements, and for mechanical applications in cold-headed parts and fasteners. Another application is for welding core wires and MIG/TIG wires. This alloy is widely used in lamp industry as a fuse wire in lead-in-wires for lamps.

JLC 500 finds use in several industries such as chemical, oil and gas, medical, and marine. Typical applications include springs, valves, fasteners, pumps shafts, oil-well drilling collars, surgical blades, non-magnetic housings, sensors, and electronic components, etc.

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