Product Customisation

Customisation As Per Customer Specification

  • Nickel Alloy Product Customisation Services for Customer Requirements
  • Owing to complete vertical integration, JLC customers have the flexibility to order alloys to their specific product chemistry, microstructure, heat treatment, size, and surface finish.
  • Large to small melt sizes for trial or experimental runs are available through the multiple furnace size options in JLC melt shop.
  • Customer specific heats for product development along with controlled testing in our well equipped Testing labs.
  • Customized process for wire rod (coils), wire, strips and ribbons according to the surface finish required by the customer. We can offer drawn, annealed-peeled, unpeeled-oxidized, and bright surface finishes.
  • Capability to manufacture exact measured lengths or weights on spools and coils; especially for wire weaving & thermocouple industry.
  • JLC's long term experience with packaging in accordance with highest standards ensures receipt of our products in perfect condition at the customers' end.
  • Complete shipping and logistics support. JLC works with well known forwarding and freight handling companies to achieve on-time deliveries.
Nickel Speciality Alloy Product Customisation Services for Customer Requirements