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Exciting career opportunities at JLC

Careers at JLC Electromet

JLC offers career opportunities for people with different technical and commercial backgrounds.

We need people who are open to change, can work in teams, have an optimistic and creative mind and most importantly those who are looking to stay with the company for as long as possible. JLC values employees who have gained experience working many years with the company and they finally are looked upon to become the cornerstones of their individual departments.

JLC's Ethics policy guides every employee at work. When working at JLC, one is trusted with responsibility and encouraged to participate in projects and inter-departmental activities.

At JLC, most learning happens on the job, especially when taking on new challenging tasks. One can also learn from more experienced colleagues (mentoring) and from internal and external training programs including technical as well as personal development subjects.

Please contact us at if you wish to seek a career with us.

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Exciting Careers in Speciality Nickel Alloys