Data Sheet:Lead-in-Wire

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  • Nickel Alloy Range at a Glance

Lead-in-Wire: Lamp Components and Lead-in-Wire

A large range of components for lamp industry is offered by Gem Electromechanicals Pvt. Ltd.. Main products are listed below. Please contact them for detailed specification and available sizes for any of our products.

Product Categories

  • Lead-in-Wire: Many sizes and material combinations
  • Nickel Shields for auto headlights.
  • Pure Nickel Strips for mercury and sodium vapour lamps
  • Third Wire of TL lamps- Nickel Plated Steel (NPS)
  • Components for sodium and mercury vapour lamps made of Nickel, Nickel Plated Steel, Stainless Steel wires and strips
  • Steel Mandrel Wire

For information on Lead-in-wires, please visit Gem Electromechanicals Pvt. Ltd.