Product Customisation

Product Customisation Services for Customer Requirements

  • Nickel Alloy Product Customisation Services for Customer Requirements
  • Owing to complete vertical integration, JLC customers have the flexibility to order alloys to their specific product chemistry, microstructure, heat treatment, size, and surface finish.
  • Large to small melt sizes for trial or experimental runs are available through the multiple furnace size options in JLC melt shop.
  • Customer specific heats for product development along with controlled testing in our well equipped Testing labs.
  • Customized process for wire rod (coils), wire, strips and ribbons according to the surface finish required by the customer. We can offer drawn, annealed-peeled, unpeeled-oxidized, and bright surface finishes.
  • Capability to manufacture exact measured lengths or weights on spools and coils; especially for wire weaving & thermocouple industry.
  • JLC's long term experience with packaging in accordance with highest standards ensures receipt of our products in perfect condition at the customers' end.
  • Complete shipping and logistics support. JLC works with well known forwarding and freight handling companies to achieve on-time deliveries.
Nickel Speciality Alloy Product Customisation Services for Customer Requirements

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JLC Electromet is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Nickel and Nickel based speciality alloys in wire, rod, strip and ribbon forms. Our product range includes Welding Alloys, Welding Electrode Core Wires, MIG Wires, TIG Wires, Thermal Spray, Heating Element alloys, Resistance Alloys, Nickel-Chromium Alloys, Iron-Chrome-Aluminum Alloys, FeCrAl Alloys, Nickel Chrome Iron Alloys, NiChrome Alloys, High Temperature Alloys, Copper-Nickel Alloys, Resistance Alloys, Shunt Alloys, Lamp Components, Lead-In-Wires, Fuse Wires, Nickel Plated Wires, Nickel Plated Steel, Nickel Plated Copper, Nickel Plated Tin, Sealing Wire, Dumet Wires, Thermocouple Alloys, Extension Grade Alloys, Compensating Grade Alloys, Automotive Alloys, Spark Plug Alloys, Alloys For Earth And Central Electrodes, Nickel-Iron Alloys, Soft Magnetic Alloys, Temperature Compensating Alloys, High Permeability Alloys, Glass Sealing Alloys, Controlled Expansion Alloys, Diode Grade Dumet, Clad Wires, Copper-Clad Nickel, Iron-Clad Nickel, Nickel-Clad Iron, etc.


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